Individual Services

We offer a full range of accounting, tax and planning services for individuals and their families.

Year-round Tax Planning

Provide help in evaluating the tax affects of transactions and take the correct steps before the end of the year.

Federal and State Tax Return Preparation

Our team of tax professionals are also available to assist with IRS and state representation, tax audits and offers in comprise. We prepare out of state as well as out of the country tax services.

Retirement Planning

Provide assistance in setting up a retirement plan that fits your needs and tax planning in order to reduce your taxes during your retirement years. We can help choose the decision to make a Roth IRA rollover or how to take a distribution from a retirement plan.

Personal Financial Statements

Prepare a current snapshot of your net worth that can be useful when applying for a mortgage, personal loan, or guarantee of a business loan.

Tax Projections

Project your tax liability for the year ahead in order to help you prepare and save the money needed to pay your taxes timely and avoid penalties and interest.

Gift Tax Returns

We are available to assist you in gift advice and preparing gift tax returns, when necessary.

Student Financial Aid Forms

We are available to advice and assist you in completing FAFSA and other financial aid forms.

Foreign Tax Filings

Preparing tax filings to report foreign bank accounts and preparing non-resident state and foreign resident returns.

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